Moana Birthday Theme 

I'm so excited to finally be completely finished with this project because now I get to show it off!!  I absolutely love tropical themes such as the one used with this Moana order. I made a birthday banner and some centerpiece bundles. I had the images printed on photo paper at staples and I used [...]

Godzilla Birthday Theme…

A few years ago, before I had my cutting machine, my son asked me for a Godzilla themed birthday party. I was like "sure, ok". But I was really thinking "why can't they pick a theme that's easy to find at a local party supply shop"? Luckily a friend of mine, who has the Cricut, [...]

There’s A First Time For Everything!

This was my first large order since I started offering my services as a paper artist. I am grateful for the opportunity because I've learned some valuable lessons from this experience.  One of the biggest lessons learned was how to price the order. Each size flower requires a set amount of sheets of paper you [...]

It Looks Good There!!!

Paper Flowers have the potential to last for years! Therefore, using paper flowers vs. real flowers has its advantages. For example, you can add paper flowers to your bicycle basket (as posted in my previous blog), picture frames, office supplies, etc.   You have to think outside the box and add them to places that [...]

Bicycle Flower Basket

This was a fun project. I love how it turned out. You can match the flowers to your own bicycle's color scheme.  Using the no glue method from my previous blog post, this Flower Basket was done fairly quickly. The paper fasteners attached easily and made rearranging the flowers manageable.  This was definitely a fun [...]