Grad-cake Toppers

Graduation season is here!! Just in case you are like me, and have a sh-load of graduation/promotion ceremonies to attend this year, I got you! May is full of Graduation ceremonies, especially now-a-days where it seems as though every “milestone” grade level is celebrated. Whether it’s a University Graduation or a Pre-school Promotion ceremony, these cupcake toppers can be personalized for the grad in your life.

Class of 2019 Cupcake Toppers
Jazelle86-Paper Designs

This year I have a Pre-school, 6th grade, and 8th grade promotion to attend, and being the awesome mom that I am, I also signed up to make cupcakes for my little one…..WHY??? I’m still asking myself that question.

Graduation/promotions are a week away all of the sudden, they obviously creep’d up on me! So, in honor of these THREE Graduates of mine, it’s been decided that cupcake toppers be the May 2019 Freebie.

Gradcake Toppers
Jazelle86-Paper Designs

Print the file, cut out the circles and glue on toothpicks. BAM! Ready to go. But, hold on a sec…..if you have the time, there’s a ton of different ways to go about upgrading these toppers.

USC Colors
Jazelle86-Paper Designs

Here’s a list of 5 ways to make these your own;

  1. Add a background color, or two. (School Colors)
  2. Make these double-sided
  3. Use pattern scissors to add a cool border.
  4. Add glitter paper.
  5. Add fringe tassels (scrapbook stickers).
Jazelle86-Paper Designs

There you have it. If you make these, please share, I would love to see your awesome ideas. Share with your teacher friends as well. ;D

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