Cute “Spring” mini Banner; Home/Office Decor

Spring Mini Banner on Twine

Spring has made a grand entrance this year, and as we wait for all the flowers to finish blooming, here’s an easy printable to make a DIY “Spring” mini banner. I wanted to keep this banner small so it would fit in a home/work office or up on a cubicle wall. This “Spring” banner is definitely something you can fit in a smaller space and also makes for a great photo prop.

Mini Spring Banner PRINTABLE


I always recommend using glossy photo paper for a more vibrant look. However, if you don’t have glossy photo paper, try using a light card-stock to print on. Regular copy paper will still work but may not be as visible for outdoor decor.

Spring Banner Printable Flatlay

This “Spring” mini banner is such an easy and quick project, you just need to cut out each pennant, hole punch the two circles on each pennant, and hang through twine or ribbon of your choice.

Spring Mini Banner Outdoors

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I would love to see how you decorate your desk/office area, and don’t forget to share with your co-workers, family and friends.

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