Free Printable; Valentine’s Day Card

Picture this, you are one week away from Valentine’s Day with no gift, and a full schedule ahead…..Oh’ wait, that’s me! 😮 This year I waited until the last minute to start thinking about Valentine’s Day shenanigans, so it got me into some thinking….then I started looking through my files….and then, light bulb!

We are back in business my friend, and, I have something for you too!

February’s 2019 Freebie.

The answer to last minute shoppers like me: A Valentine’s Day Card for Him/Her

Valentine’s Day Card
Love you Babe. FRONT
Valentine’s Day Card
Love you Babe. BACK

This design is from a series of cards I had previously listed on my Etsy shop, and this year, I’m giving it away for FREE! There are three versions you can create; just save the one(s) you’d like, and print away. Valentine’s Day Cards are the perfect opportunity to get all mushy and score…some points! I said POINTS people!

Valentine’s Day Card
Happy Valentine’s Day
Font and Back (empty inside).

Print one or print all, they are yours forever, as long as you save the file…duh! What If you are the paperless type? You can crop and doodle your note on this with your phone and send as an E-Card or text. ❤

Maybe you already have a gift, but you need a cute little note to go with it, print this V-day card and call it a day.

Valentine’s Day Card

Use photo paper for best results, plain card stock works well too.

Not enough you say……add a gift card, even $5 from Starbucks would be lovely for that morning coffee run. I know I would enjoy a Starbucks card… wink, wink. ;D

Need some extra points, but you’re not exactly on Atticus level, google a poem of his and you’re golden. Serious points!!

I hope you make this card your own, creativity has no boundaries. Please send pics if you use this freebie. I’d love to see them all!!

Thanks for stopping by,

Until Next Time!

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