Easy DIY Champagne Bar

Pop the Champagne



Soooo, I get to be the Maid Of Honor for my BFF, Whhaaat! <—— old news.

Fast Forward to the Engagement Party/Wedding Shower/Going Away Party.

Long story short, my BFF is moving to another state and gave us the world record for shortest notice ever! 😛 We were left with less than a month to plan a party, eek!

Luckily, we were able to get a lot of help and quite a few friends and family members were able to take on different tasks. One of mine was, you guessed it, the Champagne Bar!!

It was really more for me than for the guests, LOL, but they enjoyed it too! Therefore, I am going to provide you with as many deets as possible, so you can build your own Champeezy station!

champeezy bar

The Table:


I had originally wanted to find a cute bar cart to use, but upon a few online searches, I realized that I was not going to find anything under $100. So then, I started to look for used tables on Facebook Marketplace. I found a small table for sale for $15 and it was less than 10 miles away from me. The color was a bright orange, but I knew that it had potential.


It took me about an hour to paint the table white, and about 4 hours to dry completely. The outcome was a cute table that was just big enough for the job.


The Décor/Props:

The Bride to Be chose to use “Red and Silver” as her wedding colors. We decided to go ahead and use the same color scheme for the Engagement Party.

I have a large format printer (Canon Pixma Pro-100), and I am able to print up to 13×19 prints. I found 12×18 white cardstock paper at Kelly Paper and this is what I used to print my signs. Then, I used black foam board from the Dollar Tree as the backing.

The “Happy Wife, Happy Life” decorative tile was also made by I. The marble tile was purchased at The Home Depot for less than $3. I used my Cameo Silhouette 3 to cut the vinyl lettering.

 I also used the Cameo to cut out the silver “Diamond Rings’ which were attached to the paper straws. The small display easels were all purchased at the dollar tree.

“Cheers” foil balloons were purchased at the 99 cents store ($3.99).

I found those cute Kate Spade Cocktail Napkins at Nordstrom Rack.

Amazon Items:

If you have never purchased any items from Amazon, you’re missing out. I ordered the following items for the “Champagne Bar”:


The Bubbly:

Last year, when my BFF first announced that she was engaged, we purchased tickets and attended the Bridal Expo held by The Mission Inn Hotel. During this expo, we were served with delicious champagne throughout the day. Come to find out, it was Wycliff Champagne. When I searched for this online, at first I was only getting vendors from the east coast and the shipping costs would not make this my best choice because I live in California. After browsing a bit more, I came across Hi-Time Wine Cellars in Costa Mesa, Ca. and I ordered a case of 12, which gives you the best pricing. The next day, a case of champagne was delivered to my front door. Heck Yes!

I already had the round metal tin, which we used to keep the bottles and juice on ice. The champagne flutes were superglued together the day of. I did this because if you’ve ever used plastic flutes before, the bottoms tend to detach from the flute, …annoying!

Misc Items:

Other items I made were the red paper roses which I used to make a flower wall backdrop. The left over flowers were placed around random places like the dessert table.


Paper Rose Wall


 The welcome sign was made with plexiglass purchased at The Home Depot and vinyl lettering that was cut with the Cameo Silhouette 3. This easel was purchased at Hobby Lobby.wedding sign

Everything turned out great and we all had a blast celebrating the Engagement. I hope you have found this post useful in some way or another. When you create your own version of a Champagne Bar, tag me on Instagram, I would love to see your ideas!

Don’t forget to subscribe for more posts like these. If you have any fun ideas to try, send a message! Thanks for stopping by xoxo.


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