Flat Lays and 5 Tips to Remember

I’ve been doing a ton of research on how to improve my images for blogging purposes and I recently came across the term “Flat Lay”. Turns out, it’s basically the method that’s used to stage props so you get those pretty pictures you see all over the blog world. There’s a science behind it after-all.

Here’s an example of a flat lay, this image I am able to use for free via WordPress.


These Flat Lays as they’re called are basically what they sound like. You lay down your background and arrange cute things around it. Then you take a picture from all sorts of different angles. It seems simple, and in theory it really is, but it’s a lot harder than it looks.

This past weekend I spent a couple of hours trying my hand at this flat lay business and I know that I have many more weekends of practice ahead of me, so don’t judge. I will show you a few of my personal images below along with some advice I would give to myself to use for future attempts.

Tip #1: Use Natural Light.


If I had taken this picture outside, during afternoon hours, my lighting would have been so much better. As you can see the arrangement isn’t bad, but the picture quality is not what I would like it to be.

Tip #2: Edit Your Photo’s


This photo here had slightly better lighting, but it did take some editing to adjust the light so it is brighter than the previous image. Professional photographers use editing to enhance their images so it goes to show that it’s to enhance your photo. You should be doing it too. It will allow you to salvage some of your images from bad lighting.

Tip #3: Start With Props You Already Own.


The quality of this image sucks balls and not even editing was able to salvage this mess, but I want to point out the props that were used. Notice that I used common household items. I did not rush out to the store and buy any props for any of these images.

I used my Laptop, iPhone, Stylus Pen, Paper Flowers, Magnets, Necklace, and Paper Clips. The background is a white foam board that I already had. 

Tip #4: Research Trending Patterns/Color


I like this image the most because it has fancy written all over it. The Marble background gives photos a really nice touch and you can’t go wrong with bling.

Marble backgrounds a totally in right now. Luckily I had this lying around (it’s the bottom of a photo box). Bling is still a thing btw, and it may never go away.

I recently got the chance to look through a Dior Inspiration book and one of the pages said “Black and White is always Right”. My point is, look for patterns and colors that are pleasing to the eye. Research some images from high-end brands and use that as inspiration if need be.

For example, the image below goes to show how adding the color Red makes a huge difference. It just sucks you right in.


Tip #5: Think Outside the Box


Let’s be honest, most of us do not have picture perfect desk décor. Shiieeet, I don’t even have a proper office, let alone rhinestone’s lying around looking like they took a dump all over the place. Your props are there to make the image visually pleasing, it doesn’t have to be a realistic portrayal of your life.


For example, below is a behind the scenes look at what it took to take these “pretty” pictures. All unedited and taken from my iPhone.

Hint: It was hella mess!

Welp, that was my weekend endevor, I hope this helps someone out there on their journey into the blog world. Subscribe and share.

See ya again soon! xoxo

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