Tools and Supplies 

I recently purchased a new tool that I found to be very useful. So I decided to blog about the tools and supplies I use for making my creations. 

You don’t need a lot of tools and supplies to make paper flowers. Some tools work better than others, but in the end, whatever works best for you is key. You learn as you go and you have to try things out to know what will work for you. 


Some basic tools that I use on a daily basis are: Cameo Silhouette 3, scissors, spatula and glue. 

I just purchased the Hot Glue gun from RYOBI. I like the fact that it’s cordless and it makes gluing flowers onto backdrops so much easier. You don’t have to worry about finding an outlet or the cord not reaching far enough. 

My supplies are mostly paper and embellishments. For my paper, I like to get the packs in bulk at Michaels when they have their $5 “Hot Buy” sale, normally the packs are sold at $19.99 each. You get 48 sheets of 12X12 cardstock. You can’t beat that!!!

What tools work best for you?? 

Thanks for visiting, catch ya next time!!!

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