Attention to Detail

Paper flowers can be as simple or as busy as you want them to be. Even if you decide to go with a busy look, you can still maintain a level of elegance. 

Adding a center to your flower is a must. But you can go another step and add a center to your center, and finish it off with the cherry on top. In this case, the “cherry” is a pearl. 

The beige flower is my center to a much larger flower. The rouge stamen is my 2nd center, and the pearl is the cherry on top!

We can stop here and have a fabulous flower that’s ready to go and pollinate with some paper bee’s. Or, we can add some more detail. Stems and petals please!

Doesn’t that look lovely. This set up can stand alone and look great, or you can combine it with other flowers. Either way, adding details is a great way to complete your design. 

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