Paper Flowers 

I absolutely love paper flowers. They are time consuming, but fairly easy to make. All you really need are scissors, glue, and paper. I used my cutting machine for the center of the flower and for the leaves. But you can cut all of these by hand if needed.

Paper flowers make for amazing party/home decor. A large flower requires about 17 sheets of 12×12 inch paper. The paper flower shown above is a medium sized flower and took about 7 sheets of 12×12 inch card stock paper. It’s safe to say that a small flower would require about 3 sheets of 12×12 inch paper.

Adding leaves/stems really does enhance the look of your designs. This is more practical for home decor since you will usually use less flowers then you’d use for an event. For event backdrops, adding a couple of leaves usually works best.

The centers for your flower will vary in size and design. They are typically added as the final touches. Without the centers, your flowers will look empty and most likely have a huge gap in the center. So do plan on using a center for your flower.

^^^ New Years Backdrop 2017 made by yours truly. (No, that is not a cigar. It’s a cookie) 

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